Hand Protection

Hand Protection

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Hands are indispensable if an individual wishes to lead a self-sufficient life. They are fragile and irreplaceable, and require care and protection. It is extremely important to choose the right pair of gloves to combat the identified hazard and risk level.

THIRUMANI offers a range of gloves that can be worn by the user under different work conditions. The recommendations are also based on the different manufacturing styles of these gloves, along with their different make-material and coatings, besides the different tests that these gloves pass.


safety shoes dealer in chennai, tamilnadu, india

THIRUMANI offers the Prokem range of gloves, exclusively for protection of hands against chemicals. Pioneering in the Indian market with this extensive range, the Prokem has distinctive features to offer, as below.

Specially designed hand moulds for the Prokem range of gloves, providing the highest level of ergonomics and fit to the wearer.

Tested to the latest EN standards, EN 374-2016, THIRUMANI Prokem range passes the stringent permeation test for a vast range of chemicals; and THIRUMANI INDUSTRY is the only company in the market that provides the exact Breakthrough time of these chemicals. This range also passes the stringent Degradation test, as per the latest standard.


Prokut is the exclusive range of Gloves offered by THIRUMANI that provides protection to the hands against mechanical hazards, like cut, abrasion, etc. This range by THIRUMANI has the following unique features.

This range of Gloves by THIRUMANI is tested and certified to the latest norm EN 388:2016, having been tested for resistance to abrasion, cut, tear and puncture. The high cut resistant gloves in this range pass the more stringent tests as laid out in the latest 2016 version of the norms.

This range of gloves has been constructed on specialized fully automatic high-end knitting machines, offering the finest quality and finish to the product.

safety shoes dealer in chennai, tamilnadu, india

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